TRILOBITES of Black Cat Mountain George P. Hansen

The Corynexochida are represented by one species at Black Cat Mountain. It is from the family Styginidae in the Illaenina.

Suborder Illaenina
Family Styginidae
Genus Breviscutellum

Below are photographs of a rare specimen from Black Cat Mountain. While species of this genus are commonly found elsewhere, only 5 or six partial or complete examples of this Breviscutellum species have been found in Haragan rocks at Black Cat Mountain. The closeup views show various aspects of the cephalic, thoracic and pygidial structure of the complete specimen shown at the top of the collage. This specimen is 4 cm long by 2 cm wide.  Photographs provided courtesy of Bob Carroll.
Below is a second specimen of Breviscutellum species excavated in 2008 at Black Cat Mountain. It is flexed into a posture of partial enrollment. The photographs were taken in sunlight by G.P. Hansen after partial restoration of the specimen.
The following is a Breviscutellum species shown to me by Leon Theisen.  I will ask him further about this, but I think he found it in the Bois d'Arc quarry of Geological Enterprises to the south of Black Cat Mountain.