TRILOBITES of Black Cat Mountain George P. Hansen
Other Fossils

Black Cat Mountain should probably be as well known for the number, diversity and preservation of its other fossils as its trilobites.

Beside its beautiful arthropods, new categories of fauna are constantly emerging from the rocks of Black Cat Mountain. These include sponges, worms, crinoids, cystoids, starfish as well as the more common brachiopods and intricate bryozoans. In these pages is a selection of interesting (and sometimes rare) specimens found at Black Cat Mountain.  These and many other unusual fossils were found by Bob Carroll or his good friend Bill Rushlau and other visitors who collect Black Cat Mountain fossils.

For instance, here is a Tentaculites species nested on a cluster of silicified brachiopods.  This fossil is seldom reported from Black Cat Mountain.  Possibly due to its small size, it may often be overlooked. The specimen shown here is 4-5 mm in length. (Photograph by G.P. Hansen)